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Collateral Pledge Agreement Sample Philippines

8 Apr

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To create a pledge, the pledge must be put in the possession of the pawnbroker or a third party agreed by the pawnbroker and the pawn giver. In the case of shares, this generally means that the share certificates that constitute the pledge shares must be delivered to the pawnbroker (or an authorized third party) (see civil code, s. 2094). A pledge is not created without the execution of the mortgaged object. The debtor undertakes to make available to the insured party the full right and ownership of the next property, as collateral, of the debt securities listed in the “debt” section of this Agreement: 2 (c) Any additional shares registered on behalf of the CLIENT under the name maybank ATR Kim Eng may require an additional guarantee (additional shares). All actions that must be pledged in accordance with this section are part of the pledge actions without further deed or deed and are considered to be mortgaged under the conditions provided by these provisions. However, if the Maybank ATR Kim Eng believes that this is necessary to protect its interests, the client will execute, provide and register, at the request of Maybank ATR Kim Eng and at its own expense, complementary instruments in the form, content and manner that will be satisfactory to Maybank ATR Kim Eng and cover any of the mortgaged actions. 2. GARANTIS OBLIGATIONS The obligations guaranteed by this commitment (guaranteed commitments) are: All CLIENT obligations at any time in accordance with the credit agreement, including, but not limited, repayment of principal, interest, penalties and other charges liability on margin Credit Line; (ii) any instrument or document adopted after the extension, extension, modification or renewal of the credit contract and this undertaking, whether commitments that have been renewed, renewed, amended or renewed are, in nature, new, separate or additional obligations; and (iii) all instruments or documents issued under the credit contract and that commitment. All reasonable costs that maybank ATR Kim Eng maybank may to collect all of the above points and to enforce all rights, powers and remedies of Maybank ATR Kim Eng as part of this commitment and credit contract. 3. DELIVERY OF PLEDGED SHARES At the same time as the execution and delivery of this promise, the Maybank ATR client Kim Eng or any person or entity such as Maybank ATR Kim Eng provides a list certified under oath by a CLIENT official.

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