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Collective Agreement Number 2 Of 2014

5 Dec

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20.1 (1) If the Minister has appointed a worker bargaining body for a tariff negotiation determined in accordance with Section 20, paragraph 3, or 12, or this subsection: The Minister adopts the same name for the next round of collective bargaining, unless the Minister receives a notification pursuant to subsection 2 or 3 of 2017 , about 3, 9. (8) In the event of a conflict between a decision, decision or transaction agreement in the context of an arbitration procedure under paragraph 1 (the “central arbitration”) and a decision, the settlement or transaction contract in an arbitration procedure of the parties to the collective agreement (the “local parties”) with respect to a central clause, the decision, the order or the settlement agreement applies to central arbitration , which is likely to be made from the date on which the decision, order or agreement will be made within the central arbitration body. 3. Does the issue raise common issues between the social partners, which can be better addressed in central negotiations than in local collective bargaining? (a) to create and regulate a procedure to determine whether the definition considered a central term in a first collective agreement under subsection 1) infringes a right or right guaranteed by Section 93 of the Constitution Act, section 1867 or Section 23 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms; 4. The duration of the collective agreement may be less than one year. 2017, about 3, 15 (1-3). 6. The Committee decides on the issue and may exclude the purpose or proposal of centralized negotiations, make the issue or proposal the subject of local negotiations, or make other decisions regarding the negotiation or proposal that the Committee deems appropriate in the current circumstances. 2014, about 5, 25 (6). 4. The arbitrator or arbitrator may make decisions on each of the conditions to which a board of directors and a negotiator are associated within the meaning of paragraph 3.

(5) The Minister may, by decree, authorize the publication of section 59 of the Employment Relations Act 1995 within a longer period of time than the time provided for in Section 59, paragraph 1 of this Act, but does not provide that the notice must be issued more than 180 days before the end of the collective agreement.

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