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Ec Collective Agreement

9 Apr

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The recent European collective agreement contains updated provisions: we are pleased to inform you that the CAPE EC negotiating team and the TBS negotiating team met today to sign the new collective agreement of the Community group, which has just been ratified. As of today, the new provisions are in effect with the usual wage exception. Please note that specific provisions have been negotiated during the current cycle to address the issue of retroactive compensation implementation and salary scale adjustment. Access our summary of all the new provisions of the collective agreement. The work includes organizing briefings, advising internal clients on public health issues, managing; adapting terminology to specific target groups and presentations to management committees, colleagues and clients or stakeholders on regulatory or policy issues and strategic direction; Make policy recommendations; Coordinating health policy development requirements. Skills are needed to discuss and understand government health policies and policies with senior management, other government organizations and private sector officials, and to lead the work of project team components. There is a need to create and establish customer/stakeholder networks and to promote collaborative working relationships. Writing skills are required to write departmental correspondence, reports, documents, briefing notes, agreements and legislative or regulatory changes. This knowledge is used to develop negotiating strategies to ensure that negotiations and agreements are consistent with the Division`s policies and priorities; That the Division`s objectives, relevant statutes, legal principles and jurisdictional issues be properly taken into account in negotiated debt and self-management agreements; Consider the core interests and concerns of other government agencies in negotiations to ensure acceptance and simplify the implementation of the agreements. Communication skills are needed to develop, design and present complex strategic documents/information that contribute to communication strategies and/or legislation; Negotiate and implement agreements/mechanisms with governmental, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations and cooperate with private sector representatives and technical experts; Representing the federal government and broad Canadian interests in a wide range of forums, such as presenting and promoting policy positions and initiatives and protecting federal interests; Representation of the Division as a director of inter-communal and intergovernmental working committees/groups, as well as in Canadian delegations at national/international conferences, meetings and negotiations; Advice, briefings and recommendations to senior officials in the department and other government departments on a wide range of complex and interdependent economic, fiscal and socio-economic studies and research projects, as well as related programs and services. Communication capabilities are needed to promote cooperation with stakeholders and gain stakeholder agreement.

Writing skills are needed to adapt very complex materials and to transform technical language into complete explanations, expressed into simple language.

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