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Santa Illuminata offers the opportunity of organising and planning events and parties in its wide “stone” halls: the ” Large Hall of the Chimney“, the “Hall of the Arches“,”The Hall of the Tapestry“,  the “West Hall of the Chimney“, and the “Tavern“.
Moreover, the internal Court framed by the Church and the arches, the stairs and the pulpit of the Monastery, and paved with vero ancient stones with the characteristics of the roman cobbled, offers an amazing and rare  opportunity for special “open” parties and events. This Court hosted the scenes of the famous movie “Magnificat” directed by Pupi Avati.
Also, the “Terrace” Parks before the west side of the Monastery, which are framed by drywalls made of ancient, big stones carved and coloured by the flow of centuries, are ideal to “open” parties and events.
The Park before the southeastern side of the Abbey, framed by “Rock Gardens”, offers a further fascinating opportunity for “open” events. To see the beautiful locations we can provide for your events

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