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Typical products (Extravirgin olive oil)

In the “Tenuta di Santa Illuminata” is possible to buy the products of the farm. You may taste these products during Your stay in the Monastery. In fact, a bottle of oil is available in all of the suites of the Monastery as well as the Casale. We hope that our guests come to visit the Tenuta di Santa Illuminata also during the period of both the grape harvest, between  september and october, and the olive harvest, between november and december,  watching
the different phases that lead to production of our oil.

Some details on the Oil “Santa Illuminata”  

The “Tenuta di Santa Illuminata” includes approximately ten hectares (approximately 25 acres) of olive grove, with a total of approximately 4000 olive plants. This olive grove gives birth to the oil “Santa Illuminata”, which is obtained through cold pressing olives: the Umbria traditional varieties of olives are present in our farm: “Frantoio”, “Leccino”, “Moraiolo”, “Pendolino”, “Correggiolo”, and so on. Production of fruits is accurate, respecting the strict rules imposed by the enrollment of our olive grove on the register “Oliveti Denominazione d’origine protetta (D.O.P.) Umbria” (Denomination of protected origin Umbria). The extraordinary quality of the Oil “Santa Illuminata” is a consequence of both the high quality of the olives of our farm and the experience of the Spina Family, who boasts of an old tradition in olive culture and production of oil since many generations, with achievement of numerous awards. The harvest of naturally healthy olives takes place just at the beginnning of their maturation; immediately later these olives are cold pressed. As a result, a superior quality oil is obtained, with a very low level of acidity (pH equal  to 0.1) and very high scores in organoleptic evaluations.
The oil “Santa Illuminata” is exclusively producted from the olives of our farm. Therefore, it is available in a limited amount, which is the amount that is necessarily allowed by the annual production from our farm. It must be’ specified that the oil production may not exceed the parameters indicated for unit of area by the strict rules of “DOP Umbria”, in order to warrant an excellent quality of the oil.
That’s why reserving in time the desired amount of oil is suggested.

Attention! The olive oil is temporary not available!



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