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Good Neighbour Agreements

9 Dec

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The agreement on good neighbours is concluded between us and our inhabitants and was written with the aim of promoting the cohesion of the Community and preventing anti-social behaviour. This agreement contains clear expectations, rights and rights for all residents and completes the terms of your lease. It does not replace or overcome the rights and obligations of your individual rentals. This agreement will remain in effect as long as you reside in your home and applies to all subsequent tenants and all rights holders. If you violate any of the following conditions, you will be informed that you have breached the agreement and your lease conditions and lease may be compromised. You have the right to enter into agreements on a good neighbour who challenges Scottish ministers when a planning authority: all tenants of the Southside Housing Association sign an agreement on good neighbours that explains your responsibility as a neighbour and shows how we will work together to ensure that your neighbourhood is and remains a clean, safe and secure environment. To learn more about anti-social policy, click here: Antisocial Behaviour Policy March 2019 A call-to-planning guide explains what can be used by ministers and provides context for our appeal forms. Circular 3/2012: Planning obligations and agreements on good neighbours provide context for this concrete call. There is no charge for this type of remedy. Everyone involved in the process is generally expected to cover their own expenses. As residents, you are asked to sign up with the agreement below that you and your budget must approve as you:.

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