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Learning Agreement En Espanol

11 Dec

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Please note that word list terms are only available in this browser. Once you have transferred them to the vocabulary coach, they are available from any device. The learning agreement must include all the learning gains that the student must acquire during the exchange. With regard to mobility for higher education, the training contract should include a group of academic components that will be replaced after graduating abroad. See below for “Indications.” How do I transfer translations to The Vocabulary Coach? In the area of mobility for internships, the training contract should indicate how internships are recognized, depending on whether they are included in the diploma, whether they are voluntarily followed (since they are not required for the diploma) or whether they are attended by a newly trained student. See below for “Indications.” You also have our online dictionary pons for iOS and Android for free! The three signatories of the apprenticeship contract agree to respect all that has been agreed to ensure the subsequent recognition of practices or studies conducted abroad without any other requirement. Do you want to add a word, phrase or translation? The aim of the agreement is to enable transparent and effective preparation of exchanges in order to ensure that the student receives recognition for successful activities abroad.

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