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Microsoft Channel Partner Agreement

12 Dec

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The Microsoft Partnership Agreement (MPA) is the new Microsoft contract for all Microsoft chain partners. This new agreement will be modular. Terms and conditions that depend on your organization`s relationship with Microsoft, the type of partner and your organization`s offers are qualified for sale. The Microsoft Partnership Agreement facilitates the contractual experience while respecting regulatory obligations and fosters trust between Microsoft, its partners and customers. This dynamic agreement provides relevant conditions depending on the type of partner and the offers for which they are qualified. More effective contract experience reduces complexity and this indeterminate agreement does not expire or follow an annual review cycle. In order to achieve our compliance objectives and ensure the certified distribution of our products to end customers, Microsoft is required to identify and verify all companies in our sales chain. Therefore, we require all indirect suppliers to have their indirect dealers on board the Partner Center and accept the appropriate conditions. The microsoft partnership agreement provides Microsoft partners with a unique and digitally accepted partnership agreement.

The microsoft partnership agreement contains an essential set of ongoing conditions that help Microsoft, its partners and customers support data protection and security, promote compliance and promote sound business practices. You should provide an official email address of the company related to the legal name of the company and the address of the company that you will bring to the Partner Center as an indirect reseller. Important note: e-mail addresses of web messaging services, including .onmicrosoft.com addresses, are not accepted. However, Microsoft will do its best to work with you if you don`t have an official email address for the company. As we transform the Microsoft business experience to better meet the needs of customers and the demands of a cloud first world, partners are also calling for a more agile and lightweight way to do business with Microsoft. That is why we have introduced the microsoft partnership agreement. If you are a Resello partner, your Account Manager helps you through this process. All CSP partners must accept the MPA in order to transfer the CSP program by November 1, 2020. As part of this business experience, Microsoft is developing its business platform to optimize the customer experience, enable partners to increase their influence and help customers transform digitally. The boarding process for the Partner Center includes the business review, which can take several days. Depending on how a partner was registered, there may be additional steps before onboarding can be completed.

Indirect dealers should now start onboarding to avoid the risk of last-minute problems. Sign up and participate in monthly live webinars to get the latest CSP experiences and new business experiences for hot topics and other licensing information for all partners. After that date, the Microsoft Partnership Agreement will be required for all CSP program partners. Partners who have not accepted the Microsoft partnership agreement cannot place new orders and are limited to managing existing subscriptions. You must accept the agreement before or on January 31, 2020 in order to continue to complete transactions (MPA acceptance is required for all CSP program partners to make transactions (i.e. add new subscriptions or add seats to existing subscriptions) through the Partner Centre API or user interface (also known as the Partner Centre Dashboard). On June 30, Microsoft sent all Microsoft CSP partners a notice of non-renewal regarding Microsoft Partner`s formal non-renewal and transition agreement and sent its CSP partners with Deriyfing to terminate the “Indirect Reseller CGV” as of August 31, 2019.

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