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Nhl Transfer Agreement

13 Dec

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GENEVA – Six major ice hockey nations decided Thursday to renegotiate the current agreement regulating transfers of players from Europe to the NHL. “We negotiated the proposal with the Swedish association and presented it as a proposal to the other IIHF national federations [Thursday],” Daly said in a telephone interview from Stockholm, where he is attending international meetings. I think there has been broad support for membership of this agreement, so we would have an agreement in the future. But the system began to crumble when Russia refused to sign a revised treaty three years ago and disintegrated last month, when the Czech Republic was also reluctant. They felt that $200,000 per player was not enough. It would be nice if it was easier for the guys on NHL contracts to get back into the NHL. seems, as for most veterinarians signing an AHL contract is a point without return in their career, much more than simmilar contracts are in other sports. Another example of a player who probably suffered as a result of the current contract is Barrett Hayton of the Arizona Coyotes. He is currently on the NHL team, but has only played in 20 games. Hayton has only recently been able to stay in the lineup. Part of it is due to an injury he suffered in the world juniors, but from the start of the season to the end of November, Hayton has only appeared in 14 of 27 games. As Klaus Zaugg (Watson) reports, the National League will soon sign a transfer contract with the NHL, provided the clubs agree on a new settlement on a conference call next week: any club that loses a player with a valid contract under the transfer contract can replace him with an additional import player. However, this only happens if the player in question does not have an exit clause in his contract or if he is at the end of his contract. If no new agreement is reached, the IIHF-NHL PTA will expire after the 2007-08 season.

The NHL will also follow the same player transfer contract with the IIHF leagues, including Sweden, Finland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, France, Denmark, Norway and Germany. “This is not an agreement reached until it has been ratified by our board of governors, but to the extent that we can conclude and get council approval, there is a significant improvement from where we have been,” Daly said. “Furtherover, in our view, it is a great thing that this is a multi-year contract that could go up to seven years and at least four years.” As a result, NHL clubs can now intern European players in accordance with the corresponding transfer rules. The NHL today announced new player transfer contracts, including one-year extensions with existing players. These include IIHF-affiliated federations in Austria, Belarus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Latvia, Norway, Slovakia, Sweden and the United Kingdom. In addition, the League has signed a new one-year transfer contract with the Swiss Ice Hockey Association and the Swiss League and a one-year extension of its existing contract with the Canadian Hockey League and its constituent organizations, the WHL, OHL and the QMJHL. The League also announced a new player transfer contract with the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation and the Swiss League.

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