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Safe Third Country Agreement Cbc

16 Dec

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Afisa said there was also imminent fear of being sent back to Uganda. “I`m looking to be sure, but they`re taking you back,” she said. Supporters of Canadian refugees have vehemently opposed the asylum deal, saying the United States is not always a safe country for people fleeing persecution. “By appealing this verdict, the federal Liberal Liberals say they would rather make people who seek asylum here in Canada suffer from Donald Trump`s rules rather than uphold human rights and Canadian values,” she wrote in a statement Friday afternoon. Supporters have argued that the Trump administration`s actions mean that the United States is no longer a safe haven for asylum seekers. Blair`s office stated that Canada would continue to monitor conditions to ensure that the United States continues to meet the requirements for the designation of safe third-country nationals. Protesters held up signs saying “The United States is not safe” and “Keep all laws that protect refugees,” sometimes chanting “Suspend the agreement” and other slogans. “If Canada sends people back to persecution, it is against the UN Refugee Convention. If Canada sends people to a country that it knows will leave people to be persecuted, it also violates its international obligations,” Macklin added. In a written statement, government lawyers say the absence of the agreement would serve as a “pull factor” that would attract people to claim protection in Canada. “It didn`t look safe or like something I wanted to impose,” she says. Another protester, Susie Henderson, said refugees don`t have much choice about where they arrive, adding that current images of U.S. detention centers should be enough to show that the country is not safe for asylum seekers.

“The United States is not safe… No help, no shelter, nothing. You can stay on the street because you have nothing if you are a refugee. You come from your country for a problem, you have no money,” she says, sometimes wiping away tears. This means that Canada can turn back potential refugees who arrive at land ports along the border on the basis that they must pursue their claims to the United States, the country where they first arrived. “UNHCR has said… the U.S. is not in line with international commitments – that`s a way of saying it`s not safe,” Macklin said in an interview with CBC News Network`s Power-Politics.

Justice Ann Marie McDonald said the agreement that prevents people from entering either Canada or the United States in the official Canada-U.S. Crossing borders and asylum claims – a violation of the Charter section, which guarantees “the right to life, liberty and security of the person” and is consistent with the spirit and purpose of the refugee agreement and violates the rights guaranteed by Section 7 of the Charter, she wrote. Afisa, who fled Uganda to escape state repression and violence, said she was detained for four months after entering the United States.

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