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Tribute Agreement Definition

19 Dec

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A tribute (/tr-bju-t/)[1] (of Latin tribute, contribution) is the wealth, often in kind, that one party gives to another as a sign of respect or, as has often been the case in historical contexts, submission or loyalty. Several former states have demanded tributes from the country`s leaders, whom the state has conquered or threatened to conquer in another way. In the case of alliances, smaller parties can pay tribute to more powerful parties as a sign of loyalty and often to finance projects that would benefit both parties. To be characterized as a “tribute,” it is generally necessary to recognize the recipient`s political submission to the recipient; the large sums, essentially the money of protection, which the later Roman and Byzantine empires paid to barbarian peoples to prevent them from attacking imperial territory, would not normally be called a “tribute” because the Empire did not accept a lower political position. Payments made by a political entity greater than a poor entity for various purposes are described in terms such as “subsidies.” There is a clear distinction between the term “homage” and “gift.” The first, known as the gong (貢), has important connotations. The Chinese emperors ensured that the gifts they paid to other states were known as mere gifts and not as tributes. Even at a time when a Chinese dynasty had to bribe the nomads because they invaded their border, as in the Han and Song dynasty, the emperors gave “gifts” to the Xiongnu and Khitan. The only time one dynasty paid a formal tribute to another was during the Southern Song Dynasty, when the Jin dynasty was paid tribute to peace. The Jin dynasty, which had occupied the plains around the Yellow River, also considered itself the rightful holder of the “mandate of heaven.” “While Stellar Diamonds no longer intends to acquire the Tonguma license, Stellar and Octea continue to work towards the completion of an agreement that brings together their combined diamond properties covering all high-quality Tongo diamond fields for commercial production,” said Karl Smithson, Chief Executive of Stellar Diamonds. The empires of the tributes contrast with those such as the Roman Empire, which controlled and occupied the themes.

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