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Vmware Master End User License Agreement

20 Dec

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(b) Notwithstanding the terms of this CAU, all or part of the licensed software that presents non-proprietary software under public license by third parties (Freeware or Open Source) will be licensed to you in the form of a software license agreement that accompanies these freeware or open-source software, whether in the form of a discrete agreement. , narrow the license or electronic licensing conditions accepted at the time of download. The use of freeware or open-source software by you is entirely subject to the terms of this license. 1.2 “GPL Software” refers to the GPL software that is licensed to you by GNU General Public License, as published by the Free Software Foundation (GPL). A copy of the GPL is contained on the media on which you received the software or in the files you downloaded when you purchased the software electronically. VMware hereafter grants you a non-exclusive and non-transferable license without sublicensing rights, i) to have installed or installed a copy of the software either on a single computer or on a single virtual machine; and (ii) to use the software only to migrate the content of the hard drive of physical computers, VMware virtual machines and third-party disk images supported on the contents of the virtual machine hard drive intended to work with VMware virtualization software. Regardless of the above, you can install the software on an additional computer or on a virtual machine on which the Windows NT 4.0 operating system is installed if you migrate the contents of the disk containing the Windows NT 4.0 operating system. (b) The above law is unlimited, with the exception of (i) termination due to your violation of these conditions and (ii) in the event that you hold a license under a service licensing agreement (“SPLA”) if the term of the right is limited to the period of subscription or may be regulated under the SPLA conditions of the specified solution; The software contains third-party products, including, but not limited to, the Microsoft WinPE development tool and Microsoft® Windows® pre-installation environment, version 2005 (“Products”), which are called “software.” In addition to the license agreement provided in conjunction with the Software, you agree below on the following licensing conditions and restrictions on your use of the Software: This license agreement (“Licence”) is a legal agreement between you (end users or you) and ALTARO LIMITED, a limited liability company that is organized and established in accordance with Malta`s laws. , headquartered in Altaro Limited. Block LS3 (Digital Hub), Level 1, Malta Life Sciences Park, San Gwann Industrial Estate, San Gwann, SGN3000, Malta (Altaro, licensee, us or us). These conditions govern the use of Altaro`s product and software solution in the appropriate order form or accompanying this LAI (“the software conceded”) and our respective rights and obligations.

1st preamble. Licensed software is owned by the licensee and is protected by copyright and copyright laws and contracts. This software product and associated documentation are licensed and not sold to you in accordance with the terms of the end user license agreement (“EULA”). The licensee retains the owner of the software and documentation under license at all times. (h) Any non-compliance with Clause 3 or any other clause or condition contained in this EEA leads to the automatic termination of that licence and the return of the rights conferred on it. 1.1 “Designated Administrative Access” means that access to the default user interfaces of a given instance of the Software (in that section) that you can grant to a specific third party (a) for which you have informed VMware in advance that you are providing outsourced services and (b) that you have authorized such a software instance for their dedicated benefit.

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